About Us

Flex Foods is a clean eating meal prep and delivery business that understands the importance of nutritious food to complement a healthy lifestyle.

Excellent quality. I have tried several different meal prep companies before but the taste in quality of these is by far the best. They are restaurant quality. And to add, all macro nutrients are measured so you know exactly what you’re getting. Highly recommend.

Corbin Bednarik

Corbin Bednarik

Exercise Physiologist/Kinesiologist

I tried the teriyaki chicken and rice, as well as the chicken breast stuffed with asparagus. Both were so delicious I couldn’t pick between them! Lots of nice touches in the stuffed chicken breast, such as lemon and other herbs. The teriyaki chicken was flavourful and not over-done, served with the perfect amount of rice. Great food!

Pooja McArthur

I was looking to lose weight and still have the energy to work out more without any unnatural enhancement; I found Flex Foods, it’s balanced, it’s healthy and gives me the boost I need to work out.

Timothy Fumunyam