COVID-19 Safety Plan


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COVID-19 Safety Plan Message - October 16th Update

Flex Foods continues to operate as a food delivery service.

As an owner/operator of a food service business with a small, rural kitchen, health and safety are paramount to our operations, not just during this COVID-19 pandemic, but also year-round. We have developed and implemented a COVID-19 Safety Plan as per WorkSafeBC standards to ensure the health and safety of both our clients and Flexfoods. 

Kitchen and delivery staff have reviewed COVID-19 health and safety: Selecting and using masks in a non-health care setting. Disposable masks and gloves are supplied and used in the kitchen during cooking/packaging processes and during deliveries.

Kitchen and meal preparation protocols:

Enhanced cleaning and disenfecting to all surfaces, high touch kitchen equipment, fridge/freezer doors, oven handles and food storage containers in the kitchen have been implemented.

Enhanced cleaning and disenfecting to high touch areas entering the kitchen have been implemented.

Additional hand washing procedures have been implemented.

Delivery protocols:

Delivery staff will be supplied with and wear disposable masks and gloves as a protective measure to decrease the risk of both person-to-person transmission and contaminated surfaces.

High touch surfaces in the vehicle will be disenfected between deliveries.

Additional disposable masks, gloves and disenfecting wipes will be in delivery vehicles.

To maintain physical distancing, please place a cooler with cooler blocks or ice outside your door for us to place your food in. 

Apartment/complex/office deliveries: the delivery person will call you and ask that you meet them at the main door of your building, again, physical distancing will be practiced.

To decrease the amount of time that Flexfoods spends within our community both purchasing of goods to prepare meals and deliveries, but also continuing to support our valued customers, changes have been made to ordering and delivery times. 

They are as follows:
All order cut offs for the week are Saturday 10pm 
Delivery option: Tuesdays 10am -3 pm

We all have a role during this difficult time, and we thank you for your efforts.

Terri Hayward