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Long Weekend Schedule and Delivery

When the Monday is a holiday the delivery option will be offered for the Thursday that week.


Meal Containers

Currently, "Large" meal containers are difficult to purchase consistently. The standard container is being used for both sized meals; Large meals are being identified with an "L" on the meal label.

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Nutritious ready-made meals to save you time and help you be your best

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Chicken Teriyaki Carbs 61g | Protein 29g | Fat 3g
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Meals designed for your fitness needs

Meet Your Goals: whether it's fat loss, muscle gain, or increasing your general health, nutrition is key. Flex Foods offers affordable and healthy meals that focus on clean eating.

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Healthy Meals. Ready to Eat.

Flex Foods understands that your busy schedule may not allow you to plan, shop and cook the meals you want. Our meals ensure you are getting the nutrition you need without compromising flavour, variety or portion size. Clean, healthy eating made easier.

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Chicken Teriyaki